ll rugs proudly made in the USA!! 
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preservation of this historic site!  Help us support a worthy cause.

Nestled at the foot of the Appalachian mountains Cobalt Creek Rugs is a store that can help you add casual rugs to your mountain home or cabin.

We are the remedy for the ordinary. Our rugs will become the conversation piece in your room. We are reasonably priced in a market where other options can cost in the thousands. Our rugs are not made by Native Americans but, we have the utmost respect for their culture and adaptability. And it’s in that spirit that we bring you our line of newly interpreted rugs.

Just as historic hand-woven rugs are not plush but more utilitarian in nature our rugs have a low profile. Unlike the hand-wovens our construction is "commercial grade" tested, made from super durable nylon and come in a range of sizes & colors. Because we have a big family we know the abuse your floors can take, we offer sevral rugs engineered in EnduaStran construction, meaning they are color-fast, shed dirt and clean with just water.

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